The 10 Day Black Fast is a national initiative to activate black agenda building locally and nationally. There are numerous issues that plague black progress within our communities. The accumulation of disbursed black wealth is necessary to revitalize our communities. We can change Black America forever. The 10 Day Black Fast is a combination of national solidarity and agenda building activities. In addition to tracking black community spending, discovering black business opportunities, and promoting black goods and services. We  encourage businesses, community organizations to register as well. 

Solidarity and Agenda Building Activities

These activities are designed to help black communities get on one accord.


  1. Make sure you are registered to vote/ make sure your voter information is up to date

  2. Put a calendar reminder in your phone for election day and make plans to go to the polls with friends.

  3. Write down who is running for local office in your city and do research

  4. Follow at least 1 local and national black political news source on all social media accounts.

  5. Research black professional organizations that are relatable to your passion and or expertise and consider membership

  6. Day of Silence: If we can’t have a conversation about Black Culture we don’t have anything to talk about. (we not saying get your ass fired lol just eliminate frivolous jargon)


Buying Black

This activity is extremely important during the 10 Day Black Fast. One of goals is to use the date to produce a report. The report will entail local spending by industry, zip code, and business opportunities.

  1. Keep a list of black businesses you patronized to include the type of business.

  2. Patronize black business as much as you can and document the type of things you needed to buy but couldn’t buy black.


Black Organizations

  1. To register your business by subscribed as Privileged Digital Market business for free.

  2. Please share the flyer on business social media post using the hashtag #BePrivileged

  3. Your business will get a s/o for participating in phase 1: The Black Fast

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